Autentica Pizza Napoletana

Dove si impara? L’arte di sfornare pizze s’impara …in bottega….cioè in pizzeria per questo i nostri corsi vengono svolti lì; dal primo all’ultimo giorno!

In 1830 during the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, pizza making was already diffused. Then in 1889 Raffaele Esposito assumed to himself the creation of the pizza as a tribute to Queen Margherita di Savoia, which was visiting Naples, calling it with the same name: “Margherita”

This is just a little preamble to make it clear to all pizza lovers, and especially Neapolitan Pizza, how old its story is, and the reason why pizza is everyone’s heritage, and no one (including us) can claim the right to represent it in a unique way.

Us, at the Accademia Italiana della Pizza and have always granted a particular place to Naples and its tradition. This is the reason why we have created the mark “AUTENTICA PIZZA NAPOLETANA” ® and together with some master pizza chefs, we have written our disciplinary to prepare Pizza and obtain the mark.

Autentica Pizza Napoletana

Registered trade mark AUTENTICA PIZZA NAPOLETANA ® is born following suggestion and hints from experienced Pizza Chefs either coming from Naples or not, experts in the preparation of Neapolitan Pizza which did not feel themselves represented from Neapolitan associations that have, until now, described Neapolitan Pizza. Our mark comes out from our philosophy: yes to tradition, but looking at the present! Making Neapolitan Pizza is a technique of kneading, stretching, and baking the dough. So if you learn this technique, you are able to replicate it with any flour that maintains the same W, PL and the same rheological characteristics, no matter the brand. Furthermore, if you do not have a wood-fired oven, it is now widely demonstrated that a gas oven can obtain the same result. This is exactly our idea of modernity. If rules of society change, all the same you can keep on making the same product. The world goes on and everything changes, but tradition can continue with new machinery. Some years ago we have stopped kneading the dough by hand, making room for the new kneading machines, and no-one was scandalized.

At the time that Pizza was born, baking powder did not exist yet, so they used “criscito” which is sourdough starter. Nowadays almost everyone use yeast, and many state that it is impossible to prepare Pizza dough using sourdough, forgetting or ignoring that pizza was born this way.

At that time even refrigerators didn’t exist, but many nowadays use them. Now the only thing that is being said about tradition – not by us – is that Neapolitan pizza must be baked inside a wood-fired oven. Someone would imply that if you don’t bake it in a wood-fired oven Pizza isn’t good, or that you can’t get a Neapolitan Pizza. In our opinion this is wrong, because it’s just a question of temperatures, that you can reach with another type of oven. If we talk about flavor coming from wood, only olive wood emanates some flavor, but its use is forbidden by law.

It has been found that a professional pizza chef is able to bake pizza in a new generation gas oven obtaining a product that is not different from pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. Try it to believe it!

In conclusion we admit baking both in wood-fired and gas oven, provided that you comply to kneading and cooking techniques.

A lot of pizza chefs coming from Naples and other regions of Italy, as well as coming from abroad, professional in Neapolitan pizza making are enthusiastic with this mark and have already started to cooperate with us. This makes us happy, because we are responding to those who wanted to be represented by someone new.

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